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  • FREE Website *
  • As part of a promotional concept and for a limited time only, we are offering a FREE Website *. There are no strings, no catches and no hidden obligations attached. Once your free website has been designed, if you decide you want to develop it further into a larger website, you are not obligated to commission T-LD3 and are free to choose another website design company!
  • 1-Page mini website
  • Live on the internet within 48 hours
  • 200 words of text
  • Your company logo or a graphic of your choice
  • A business email address (e.g.
  • Live clickable email link
  • Website visitor statistics tracker
  • This offer is 100 percent genuine...
  • To our knowledge no other website design company provides this service. Literally 48 hours from now, your business can have a 1-page website live on the internet at no cost to you at all! Simply email us the text you want on your website, wait 48 hours. Then you, along with all of your customers, can type into the address bar of your web browser and see what amounts to a free advert for your business.
  • 30 % OFF services for Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations!
  • With proof of registration for Charitable or Non-Profit Organizations, T-LD3 will provide our website design and development services at 30 % less than our standard regular pricing. This discount does not apply to our website domain or hosting plans.

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